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Jeff McCormick is an Independent who has the experience, leadership and courage to do things differently in government. He is the only candidate in the race with a proven track record in innovation, entrepreneurship and start-up job growth.  For twenty-five years, Jeff worked as an early-stage investor and strategist in numerous successful and thriving start-ups and small businesses located in Massachusetts and out of state.  What Jeff knows first hand is that these success stories share a common dynamic:  striving to use the world’s best thinking and technology to address some of our biggest issues in education, environmental protection and energy.

Jeff knows that government has a targeted role to play in nurturing innovation and solving problems --  from providing accountable leadership, to introducing new ideas, to stepping out of the way.  Jeff believes that, by and large, issues are best addressed by those closest to them and this means listening carefully to the concerns of communities and tailoring state policies to meet the unique needs of those communities.  He also knows that state government, like all organizations, ought to be run well with good data and technology, and a strong sense of accountability to the people it serves. 

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