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Mass Live: Written by Robert Rizzuto

SPRINGFIELD — Independent gubernatorial hopeful Jeff McCormick says if he makes it to the corner office on Beacon Hill following November's election, rolling the state income tax rate down to five per4cent is among his top priorities.

"Twenty-five years ago, the voters were promised a five percent rate and I intend to deliver just that," McCormick said, referencing a temporary tax rate adjustment signed by then Gov. Michael Dukakis in the 1980s amidst a rough economic climate. "Through attrition over the course of my first term, I'm confident we can roll back at least 5,000 of the 10,000 new positions created by Gov. Deval Patrick. What are all these jobs? Is this something like the Probation Department scandal? We will look at all of it."

The voters of Massachusetts in 2000 approved a ballot question rolling back the income tax rate to five percent, 56 percent to 37 percent. The gradual reduction has left the current rate at 5.2 percent. To McCormick, that extra money would be better used by the voters rather than the government which represents them.


Quincy, MA - Today Jeff McCormick, Independent for Governor, pledged to reduce the income tax rate to 5% from its current 5.25%.

McCormick made the announcement on WGBH radio saying, "It is time that the hardworking people of Massachusetts received what they were promised 25 years ago."

McCormick was referencing the "temporary" income tax increase that was signed, by then Governor Michael Dukakis, in the midst of a state fiscal crisis in the late 1980's.

McCormick said, "As Governor, I will stand for our citizens who don't have a lobbyist and are not politically connected on Beacon Hill." The tax cut and reduction in revenue would be offset by a reduction in the state workforce through attrition over the first four years of his term. McCormick added, "Through attrition we can roll back at least 5,000 of the 10,000 new positions created by Governor Patrick since he took office."

"Those salaries, plus benefits, will pay for the promise that has gone unkept for far too long. We owe this to the working men and women of our state and we can accomplish this goal with state of the art technology and 21st century innovation."  

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