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Springfield, MA- Standing in front of the offices of the MGM Springfield casino, Jeff McCormick, independent candidate for Governor, announced his jobs plan. McCormick, the only candidate in this year's Governor's race who is opposed to casinos, has a plan that mixes tax incentives with workforce training programs. It also includes investments in broadband internet access and education. 

"I am the only candidate in this race who is opposed to casino gaming and I am here in Springfield to announce that there is a better way to grow jobs," said McCormick. "My plan will create jobs without the increased crime, prostitution, and gambling addiction that comes with casinos. Through a mix of tax incentives, investments in broadband, and public private partnerships, Springfield will once again become one of the most vibrant cities in the Commonwealth."

The McCormick Jobs Plan creates Enterprise Zones for businesses that give tax breaks to companies that relocate or start their business in Gateway Cities. He will also double the Historic Tax Credit to encourage developers to renovate our historic properties into mixed use developments. 

"Springfield has abundant resources in development opportunities, access to a major airport and the Mass Pike, and education institutions like Springfield Tech. We need to encourage businesses to grows jobs here and grow our economy outside of the Boston metro area," said McCormick.

McCormick's plan also provided incentives to the unemployed to receive on-the-job training while lowering the cost for businesses of training new employees. In addition, his plan calls for building public-private partnerships to provide summer jobs for teens to keep them out of gangs. 

"We need to address the needs of Gateway Cities in all areas including education, development, crime, and access to broadband. My comprehensive plan will grow jobs in Western Massachusetts without the downside of casino gaming," McCormick concluded.

McCormick will continue this week talking about his jobs plan and how it will help cities across Massachusetts with stops in Lowell, Worcester, Cape Cod, and New Bedford.

Quincy, MA - “I have said from the beginning of this campaign that I don’t believe casinos are the right solution for economic development in the Commonwealth.  The societal costs to local communities, the predatory nature of gambling, the detrimental impact on local businesses and entertainment venues, and the increased crime and traffic, far outweigh the jobs that casinos bring.  We need smart, transit-oriented development, through public private partnerships across the Commonwealth, to create long term sustainable jobs.  The Gaming Commission erred in not waiting to award the Boston license until the people have an opportunity to have their voices heard on November 4th.”

Quincy, MA- "Expanding natural gas capacity for the consumers of the Commonwealth is a step in the right direction, however, I am still concerned with the overall price of energy in our State," said Jeff McCormick, Independent candidate for Governor.  "I am glad to see that Northeast Utilities and Spectra Energy are investing in expanding capacity for our residents without building a new pipeline."

It was recently reported that these companies will invest $3 billion in expanding capacity for the current existing pipelines in New England, which is enough gas to power 3.5 million homes. 

"While we need to keep investing in renewable energy until it becomes more economical, we can also use current technologies to bring natural gas to other areas of the Commonwealth to lower costs for consumers.  Barnhardt Manufacturing in Colrain currently receives their natural gas via truck, which lowers their cost of energy and allows them to stay in state," said McCormick.  "High energy costs are hurting small businesses and limiting the number of manufacturing jobs in Massachusetts."

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